Genuineness of Sannio



Among the pristine Pastures of Fortore, hinterland of Sannio,
it comes the raw material of our products, the milk.


Its high quality, combined with passion and meticulous care,
they have ensured the success of the products Quattrotorri.



A company that can combine
Tradition and Innovation



The Dairy Quattrotorri makes every effort to conduct the milk collection
by a mass of producers very fragmented, efforts well rewarded by
a product high quality.


The close collaboration with manufacturers makes it placed the utmost attention to hygiene standards,
like wash the udder before milking, filtered fresh milk and cool it immediately
with special coolers.


The milk used in production is collected daily by cattle Fortore,
fed in the traditional way with forage and grains grown by the farmers themselves who,
given their small size, they do not have the need to resort to feed in an exclusive manner.
The main cattle breeds from which the milk are: Bruna alpina,
which is the predominant race, Marchigiana, Pezzata nera and Frisona.



For over thirty years on Your table



The products resulting from processing, classified as curds hold,
cherries range from a few grams up to larger sizes, type scamorzone.


Very popular are the handmade products, such as knots,
braids and provolette and Caciocavalli that enhance the uniqueness and talent
who manipulates these pastes with ancient techniques,
handed down through generations ... from "dairyman" to "dairyman".


The wide range of production includes cottage cheese, butter, cheese,
fresh cheese, burrata, butter cooked, smoked provola
and a table cheese called "Caciotta Fortore"
present products, for over thirty years, on many boards of our Peninsula.





Analysis and research to enhance
an ancient and typical Fortore



The milk supplied in Dairy Farm, is subject to strict quality controls, with investigations
made in the laboratory of fat, protein, density, freshness, presence of antibiotics,
freezing point depression, bacteria etc., while other more specific analysis,
They are carried out in an external laboratory.


After the first test of quality, the milk is then sent to the first stages of processing:
cleaning, pasteurization, coagulation.

The Dairy Quattrotorri, has invested heavily in research in order to improve the processing steps,
to eliminate the critical factors and enhance the organoleptic qualities of the products.
Through research it was possible to restore the "autochthonous bacterial flora" that gives
the distinctive flavor that distinguishes products Quattrotorri other.



Quality has an antique taste



Quattrotorri SRL

Factory: Via Circumvallazione Rosati, 4
82020 Molinara (BN)


Tel./Fax 0824.994009
P.IVA 01 522 290 624





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